The TechnoPro Group is the Market Leader in Providing high end technology services in Japan.

A Team of more than 17000 specialist Engineers of TechnoPro Group are supporting its esteemed customers in design, development and R&D space.

The TechnoPro Group

Japan’s Largest Team of Engineers

The TechnoPro Group boasts the largest pool of engineers in Japan.
We have over 17,000 full-time professional engineers with Specialized skills in all the Domains required by High-Tech high-tech industries, including mechanical, electrical, & electronic engineering, embedded software, information technology, chemical and biotech engineering, and construction.
We are maintaining long term sustainable relationship with more than 2000 trusted customers — that includes major Multinational Corporations, public and private-sector Research Institutes, Universities, and Government bodies.

Our Services Domain

Technology Strategy Map and 5 Strategic Domain

TechnoPro Design Company conducts a systematic analysis of Technology Developments which are in current trend and the need for future.
We have identified five specialized fields of service for which demand is expected to grow substantially in the coming years—embedded software, 3D design, CAE, inverters, and high-frequency circuits. We call these technologies our “5 strategic technologies.”
Furthermore, we are Strategically focused on training data scientists and data analysts, with the goal of establishing a Team of 1,000 experts.

Main alliance partners