Main technological areas

TechnoPro Design Company offers contracted development, contracted engineers, and other solutions in “5 strategic technologies.”

3D Design Technology

3D design technology is now required not just for making automobiles and aircraft, which involve large-scale design processes, but also by all manufacturers.
The use of Model Based Development for design and development methods enables optimized development lead time and costs.

  • Turbo actuator design
  • AVM, cameras, sonar vehicle application, part development
  • EV motor and generator design
  • Intermediate shaft design
  • Diesel engine intercooler hose design
  • Transmission cooling and heating parts design
  • HEV transmission development
  • HEV unit development
  • CVT unit development
  • EV charging unit design
  • Power steering design
  • Harness protector design
  • Air conditioning parts development
  • Automobile instrument panel design
  • Automobile engine leak tester design
  • Automobile resin parts design
  • Automobile exhaust pipe design
  • Automobile undercarriage design
  • Automobile connector parts design
  • Automobile seat design
  • Automobile alarm system design
  • Automobile electrical component design
  • Automobile interior trim design
  • Vehicle switch layout design
  • Fuel tank design
  • Piping parts layout design
  • Hydraulic parts and system design

Embedded Software

TechnoPro Design Company‘s engineers have experience in working on embedded software development projects for a wide variety of products.

  • Transportation equipment
  • Onboard monitor firmware development
  • ECU development (e.g., communication, platform, monitor, engine, EV/HV, transmission, CVT, air bags, brakes, and steering)
  • Car navigation software development/HMI function development/driver development
  • HEV lithium-ion battery controller development
  • HEV motor/inverter control software development
  • ITS system development
  • Inter-vehicle communications system OS porting/driver software development
  • Onboard communication parts/ECU development
  • Consumer electronics
  • Digital camera firmware development
  • LCD TV firmware development
  • Home refrigerator firmware development, system checking tool development
  • PC BIOS evaluation, subsystem development
  • PC peripheral equipment firmware development
  • Air conditioning equipment firmware development
  • Audio codec firmware development
  • Communications
  • Mobile phone, PHS, mobile router communications protocol design
  • Home security firmware development
  • LTE common firmware development
  • Femto device transmission line interface function design
  • Smart meter wireless module firmware development
  • Optical transmission device firmware development
  • Other fields
  • CT software development
  • X-ray diagnostic device software development, TCP-IP analysis
  • Medical broadcast equipment firmware development
  • Industrial robot control system
  • Printer firmware development
  • Elevator software development
  • Building interior lighting equipment controller development
  • Amusement equipment firmware development
  • Jet engine firmware development

CAE Technology

TechnoPro Design Company is equipped with outstanding technical expertise in many kinds of analysis technology, including structural analysis, vibrational analysis, thermal analysis, and fluid dynamics analysis.

  • Automobiles
  • EV motor thermal analysis
  • Body structure analysis
  • Body aerodynamic analysis
  • Internal combustion engine thermal analysis
  • Railways
  • Body structure analysis
  • Body aerodynamic analysis
  • Aerospace
  • Airframe structure analysis
  • Vibration and fluid analysis
  • Plants
  • Piping structure stress analysis
  • Fluid analysis in pipes
  • Turbine structure and fluid analysis

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is indispensable for high-efficiency, stable control of motors and secondary batteries for HEV and EV development.

  • Automobiles
  • HV, PHV, EV motor rotation control circuits
  • Lithium-ion battery control circuits
  • Railways
  • Train motor rotation control circuits
  • Energy
  • Electricity storage control circuits
  • High-efficiency heat pump control circuits
  • Photo-voltaic generation system control circuits
  • Power conditioner control circuits
  • Wind power generation control circuits
  • Industrial machinery
  • Industrial motor control circuits

High-frequency Circuit Design

The importance of high-frequency circuit design and radio transmission circuit design for increasing data distribution capacity and increasing the speed and efficiency of data networks is growing day by day.

  • Communications
  • LTE-Advanced base station circuit design
  • Radio transmission circuit design
  • Broadband high-speed mobile wireless access circuit design
  • Photonic network circuit design
  • WDM circuit design
  • Optical control-optical switch circuit design
  • Robots
  • Communications circuit design for welfare robots and construction robots
  • Automobiles
  • Next-generation driving support systems
  • Next-generation in-vehicle network systems
  • ITS system communications device circuit design