Business Activities

Today’s business environment demands sophisticated technology, short delivery times, and lower costs – and meeting these demands requires personnel capable of quickly integrating into a business and making an immediate contribution. Compounding this challenge is the fact that many businesses lack the necessary human resources to meet all of their objectives.

TechnoPro provides businesses with optimal solutions in engineer dispatch, commissioned/contracted work, offshoring, and other services. Solutions are drawn up based on a firm understanding of the client’s needs, taking into consideration project scope, work requirements, timeline, and business environment. TechnoPro’s highly skilled specialists deliver support in areas including design and development, project management, research, and technical consulting. We serve the automotive, electronic equipment, semiconductor, telecommunication, aerospace, and biotechnology industries, among others.

Technical Areas

TechnoPro has engineers and researchers in just about all technical areas, from consumer appliances, giant industrial machinery and airplanes to IT systems and pharmaceuticals. When your company needs sophisticated knowledge that can immediately be applied, or when you don’t have enough technical knowledge on a topic, we can help you address the issue by making full use of our engineering abilities to accelerate your business.

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    Automobiles, aviation design and development, CAD modeling, CAE analysis, EV/HEV development support, casing design for household electronic, manufacturing equipment design

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    Design/development/evaluation of manufacturing devices (semiconductor manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing devices), design/development/evaluation of circuits

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    Electrical and Electronics

    Device development/design/evaluation, LSI development/design/evaluation/ parts development/design/evaluation

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    Embedded Control Devices

    Transportation equipment, consumer electronics and A/V equipment, embedded development for terminal devices, embedded development for communications systems, electronic devices for industry, factory and plant automation

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    Information Systems

    Office systems development, office systems and office work analysis, office application/program development, database system development, entertainment, medicine, web systems

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    IT Networks

    LAN/WAN network design/construction, server design/construction, virtualization, load distribution, cloud building, system security management

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    Business Applications

    Core systems, production control systems, ERP packages, e-learning, EC systems, electronic medical record systems, document management systems, sales support systems, POS register systems

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    Maintenance and Operations

    Core system operations support, operations support for applications, website operations and maintenance, data management/database operations, data conversion/transfer, server operation and maintenance

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    Plant Engineering

    Petrochemistry, manufacturing, various types of power generation, food and medical products, environmental facilities, nondestructive testing

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    Chemistry and Materials

    R&D support for intelligent polymers, functionally graded materials, organic-inorganic hybrids, advanced polymers, amorphous metals, carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.

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    Medicine and Biotechnology

    Protein engineering, regenerative medicine, genomic drug discovery, synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, DNA chips, R&D support for protein chips, clinical development work support for CRA, QA, QC, DM, and others.


Every client relationship begins with a meeting to discuss their needs in detail. We then conduct an in-depth review of their circumstances to determine the technologies and expertise they need. Next, we refer to our database of more than 12,000 engineers and researchers, selecting the most appropriate candidates and putting together a team. Based the on needs of the client, we offer engineer dispatch, onsite contract work, development work at our own development centers (commissioned development), and offshoring services.

Engineer Dispatch

Engineers are dispatched to the client’s facility and embedded within an internal team to provide direct support to the client. For companies seeking to increase their technical capabilities in an existing field, or establish a foothold in a growing new market, this service provides them with engineers who best match their needs.

Onsite Contract Work

Businesses that use this service commission specialist TechnoPro engineers to undertake development work at one of TechnoPro’s in-house development centers. This service allows businesses to reduce development costs, deliver products and services on schedule, and minimize the risk of information leaks.

Commissioned Development

Businesses that use this service commission specialist TechnoPro engineers to undertake development work at one of TechnoPro’s in-house development centers. This service allows businesses to reduce development costs, deliver products and services on schedule, and minimize the risk of information leaks.

Technical Consulting

TechnoPro’s consultants draw from a wealth of experience and expertise in a diverse range of fields to deliver support and advice to businesses. Through multifaceted analysis and investigation, we offer a unique perspective and provide detailed, practical solutions to help companies overcome a variety of business challenges and technical problems.

Offshore development

TechnoPro has offshore development centers in the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Dalian, and Hefei (Anhui Province). These centers provide comprehensive development services that run the gamut from design and software development to evaluation and analysis. These centers can handle a range of products, making it possible for businesses to reduce development costs while maintaining high levels of quality.

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