We consider the establishment of an enduring compliance system to be a vital management issue and work to strengthen and maintain and strengthen our compliance system. As a compliance strengthening measure, we have created a specialized department to handle unforeseen circumstances. We have established action guidelines that are to be shared among all employees and ensure that employees are thoroughly aware of them. We also focus on providing training to improve all employees’ awareness of compliance and the relevant laws and regulations. Particularly with respect to dispatch and consignment work, we have developed a practical training program using our own texts and manuals that takes advantage of the experience and knowhow we have developed over long years of experience as a human resources service company.

Information Security

TechnoPro Group is firmly committed to internal management of various kinds of information. Through ongoing training and other measures, we ensure that each and every employee has a high level of awareness of information security. Employees working for a client onsite are educated to comply with the client’s in-house information security rules. In order to safeguard the confidential and personal information of clients, we have implemented detailed operational rules at each of our group companies and take measures for the prevention of information leaks.

The Environment

A peaceful and affluent modern society is a natural requirement for a free and fair marketplace in which businesses can carry out their activities and grow. As such, a stable global environment with few natural disasters and rich diversity is essential to the realization of prosperity.

As a global company, TechnoPro Group actively works to implement an environmental management system for addressing environmental issues with the aim of preserving the earth’s environment.