To Serve as an Engineer Collective That Drives Society

TechnoPro, Inc. is an integration of four TechnoPro Group companies that specialize in design and research and development. With more than 16,000 engineers and researchers, we are one of Japan’s largest technology-focused staffing and service companies. As an industry leader, we provide full support for technical development and R&D to 2,000 companies including major corporations, universities and research organizations through the collective efforts of our seasoned professionals in fields such as machinery, electronics, information systems, software, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, architecture, construction and energy.

As the core company of TechnoPro Group, our advanced technological capabilities come from an educational training system that provides growth opportunities to employees and the hiring of highly skilled professionals, and we further improve the satisfaction of our employees by proactively promoting good treatment of employees and other measures on an ongoing basis. Our group mission is to support the realization of the dreams of engineers and researchers, to provide clients with high-quality services that surpass what they currently have in place, and to contribute to the creation of an even greater society for each group of stakeholders—employees, clients and society—in the hopes that we can contribute to the creation of a prosperous future with the power of technology.

We will continue to support employment job creation and technical innovation in today’s dramatically changing world as a company that contributes to the development of society.